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Legal Basis:           Patent & Designs Act, 1911

                    Patent & Designs Rules, 1933

Applicant:            Any person claiming to be the true and first inventor may file an application in the prescribed form, in the Department of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks for a Patent to protect his invention in Bangladesh.

Examination:       The submitted applications are considered for substantive examination according to the provisions of the Act.

Term:                   Life of Patents in Bangladesh is 16 years from the date of filing or from the convention date subject to payment of renewal fees annually after the fourth year.

Convention:         Bangladesh is a member of the Paris Convention and priority can be claimed within one year from first of the applications filed in any Member country.

Priority cannot be claimed from PCT application even if it

designates one of these countries.

Documents Required:   The following documents are required to file a patent application –

  • Name, address and nationality of the applicant(s) and the inventor(s).
  •  2 copies of specification in English with abstract and drawings. We can also prepare necessary copies if you send only one copy.
  • Formal drawings on tracing cloth or paper can be filed any time before acceptance
  • Power of Authority – can be filed subsequently.
  • Assignment – can be filed within three months or later with an application seeking extension of time.
  • Priority document has to be filed along with the application or within three months of filing the application. A verified/notarized English translation of the priority document is also required, if the document is in any language other than English.